Class of Forever – 100 Favourite Songs


So, I got bored one day after work and decided to make a playlist of some of my favourite songs. It’s not the most rigorously compiled playlist you’re likely to find, and, if I were being more honest, it would contain multiple songs by certain artists (The Flaming Lips, Pulp, Arcade Fire, etc.) rather than just the one, but this was only intended as a fun exercise. This isn’t a list of My Top One-Hundred Songs or anything like that, but a list of one-hundred songs that mean a lot to me — only ever something to have on in the background when I don’t fancy listening to anything new or specific, anything demanding. So, I present this playlist here for your enjoyment and your judgement — as I’m fully aware that, based on the songs I’ve selected, my taste must seem to be of the most basic white boy, Pitchfork 101 sort — and hope that it might offer you an easy soundtrack to your day, or perhaps even exposure to an artist or a song that you’d never heard before. That would be pretty nice.



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